Monday, March 30, 2009

A very amusing anecdote

True Story and it happened to me, so I can verify the authenticity of the follow tale.

I was at church bouncing my bouncy ball that I carry around, when a little girl decided to walk up to me and laugh at me and say, "HA HA!!! I'm five years old!!!"

I thought nothing of this comment, until an eavesdropping little boy ran up and said, "Oh yeah? Well take this: I'm SEVEN!!!!!!"

The little girl proceeded to put her hands on her hips and say, "Fine! If you're not gonna marry me, I'll just marry someone else!!!"

Not to be outdone, the boy looked at her and frankly said, "I'm gonna marry whoever God wants me to."

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  1. um... wow. very interesting. kids these days. hmm.